Customer service is important to us, and below are some of our frequently asked questions. We’re always interested in hearing from you in order to make our products better. If you have any questions or comments please contact us at aalaunsales@schuindustries.com.

    Are A.A. Laun Furniture Company products made in the USA or imported?

    All our products are manufactured in our factory in Wisconsin, USA.

    Can I order my furniture direct from the factory or do I have to work with a dealer?

    We do not sell directly to consumers.  We recommend buying from a full service dealer.  All transactions and requests are handled through our dealers. Click on "Dealers" for a listing of our dealers.  If there isn't a dealer near you, click on "Contact Us" and we will try to direct you.

    Can I select a different handle/hardware on the furniture I like?

    Yes, any A.A. Laun Furniture Company item can be changed on most furniture.  This will usually incur an up-charge, add delivery time to the order and may require payment in advance. 

    Can I purchase an item unfinished?

    Yes, any A.A. Laun Furniture Company item can be ordered "unfinished."  Be aware that "unfinished" furniture exposes all the natural character of the wood. 

    Can I change the size of an item?

    We don't recommend changing the size, but we can make some modifications to our furniture.  This will usually incur an up-charge, increased delivery time, and may require payment in advance.  We are unable to accept returns on special modifications. 

    Can I get pricing direct from the factory?

    No, contact a dealer to get pricing.  If you are a dealer and are not currently an A.A. Laun Furniture Company customer, please click "Contact Us" to be directed to the Sales Representative for your area. 

    Do we accept credit cards?

    No, at this time we do not accept credit cards.

    I have a "Kiel Manufacturing" or "Kiel Table" label on my table and want to obtain information. 

    If the label on your table states "Kiel Manufacturing Company" or "Kiel Table Company," the furniture was manufactured before 1935.  Unfortunately, most records for that era are not available.  It is unlikely that we can identify the item or give an appraisal. 

    What do you recommend for cleaning my tables?

    A.A. Laun Furniture Company furniture is finished with quality stains and lacquers resistant to most household wear.  It is recommended that the following care be given so that the furniture maintains its natural beauty and enduring value. 

    Clean with a soft, damp, lint-free cloth.  Dry thoroughly.  Protect furniture finish from hot dishes, alcohol or excessive moisture.  Remove spills immediately.  Avoid exposing furniture to excessive heat, cold, dampness or direct sunlight.  For additional protection, periodically use a quality furniture polish, always working in the direction of the wood grain.  Avoid use of silicone-based polishes or those high in wax.